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Archie Shepp
Live In Paris (1974) (Lost ORTF Recordings)

Live In Paris (1974) (Lost ORTF Recordings)
Live In Paris (1974) (Lost ORTF Recordings)Live In Paris (1974) (Lost ORTF Recordings)Live In Paris (1974) (Lost ORTF Recordings)




1x Vinyl LP Gatefold Tip-On Sleeve



Release date

Jul 16, 2021




Transversales Disques proudly presents Archie Shepp – Live In Paris (1974), a never released before ORTF recording performed live at Studio 104, Maison de la Radio (Paris), remastered from the original tapes.

The musicians at the recording session were Archie Shepp (Saxophone), Noël McGhie (drums), Bob Reid (Double Bass), Pablo Kino (Percussion) ans Siegfried Kessler (Piano).

These exclusive recordings will be available as Deluxe Gatefold Tip-On Vinyl LP.


Things Have Got To Change


Along Came Betty


Blues For Donald Duck

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Almost 3 years after the release of his first album Seventy Seven, G's Way returned with his new album entitled Patchwork initially released in 2014. It is with the same ingredients that G's Way comes to light: a powerful rhythm section, served by a heavy brass section and talented soloists from the international scene, like the UK trombone player Trevor Mires (on « Kim Helped Me »), who is playing with the famous acid-jazz british band Incognito since many years. Or Gäel Cadoux (on « Space Invaders »), fantastic keyboard player, member of one of the major band in the french jazz-funk scene, Electro Deluxe.Still leaded, composed, and arranged by Gérald « GG » Bonnegrace, Patchwork is a real musical rainbow, from pure funk (« Gotcha ») to Latin music (« jam-session »), through jazz and afro-beat (« Manikou »). But this time, G's Way has invited 3 rappers to complete this musical revolution, marking a major change compared to Seventy Seven . The famous french artist Kohndo (« One Nation »), one of the best female voice in hip-hop game made in San-Francisco, Melina Jones (« Took So Long »). And last but not least, Bruce Sherfield (« The Percfect Getaway »), versatile us artist, rapper, singer, spoken word specialist, and of the most important activist of the parisian scene. With this touch of Hip-hop, Patchwork finally lives up to its name, and bring G's Way in another dimension ...
Almost 2 years after the success of the album THE TONY ALLEN EXPERIMENTS and a few months after the release of the 7inch AMORE, Nu Genea (Nu Guinea) return to the scene with a new LP published by their newborn label NG RECORDS.After touring the world looking for sounds suitable for their vibrations, NU GENEA (Nu Guinea) decided to go back to square one, Napoli, where Massimo Di Lena and Lucio Aquilina were born and raised. They watched their city from a distance reconstructing its energy from their studio in Berlin, calibrating the synths on the meridian of Vesuvius, the volcano that has always protected and threatened Napoli.NUOVA NAPOLI is the result of a long musical research that has become a historical investigation on the sound that shaped Napoli during the ‘70s and ‘80s, starting from the contamination of genres (disco, jazz-funk, African rhythms) which ended up in Nu Genea’s DNA.In this album the synthesizers fill the spaces between the past and the future, tightening in a single body acoustic instruments, electronics and voices in Neapolitan dialect. It is the first time that the duo has worked with such a large group of musicians, some of whom are exponents of the contemporary Neapolitan scene.WARNING: We recommend listening to Nuova Napoli while walking in the alleys of Napoli’s historic center, around wet clothes hanging and street vendors on tiny three-wheelers.
Buddy Sativa, known for his skills as a beatmaker, has just dropped his first album as producer-composer of an exceptional jazz opus.After more than 10 years messing around with music, the self-taught musician orchestrated this magnificent solo project with the help of vintage sounds and modern techniques, blending African and even classical influences. The result gives the impression that a plethora of musicians has come to pay tribute to the jazz gods and take part in the mystical experience of this album. The sheer beauty and emotion is breathtaking, as the famous Gilles Peterson has confirmed by playlisting 2 tracks…LP includes special 7 inch Mystic Voyage & Una Peripecia produced by Onra.

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