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1x Vinyl 7'



Release date

Jun 26, 2023

The track PSYCHOSE, unreleased to date, was recorded by CORTEX in 1977, for a film whose film was unfortunately destroyed in a fire.

The original soundtrack, fortunately saved, has recently been found.




Oh ! Lord (Radio Edit)

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** Available exclusively at The Pusher **Beloved Rio de Janeiro veteran producer and live act, Fabio Santanna, brings his heady take on the tropical flavors of modern Brazil on Onda Boa’s second release, a pulsating double-sider that serves as a loving tribute to two giants of Brazilian boogie, Marcos Valle and Lincoln Olivetti. “Ao Som De Marcos Valle" kicks things off with a mix of organic elements layered alongside synths and Rhodes that Master Marcos himself would approve of, with lyrics that slyly reference some of Valle’s most iconic moments from his 80s boogie period. Razor N Tape’s Jkriv turns up the heat even further on his remix, bringing a touch of that NYC fire to the already sultry beaches of Rio. “Chega Mais Lincoln” on the flip applies the lessons learned from “O Mago do Pop”, Lincoln Olivetti, utilizing sophisticated synth arrangements over a delicious mid-tempo groove and a vocoder calling out in praise… "Lincoln!”. Joutro Mundo’s remix takes things into dubbyer territory with his trademark approach to dance music that carefully balances tropical bliss with swirling, synth-thetic psychedelia, capping off an epic sophomore 12” for the label that manages to occupy the spaces in-between cosmic disco, tropical balearica and modern boogie… and always with that unmistakable Brazilian swing.
After a first release by a member of the crew, Love Reaction is proud and humbled to welcome on the label one of Geneva’s rising stars and longtime friend, Mirlaqi.With this record, he offers a simple yet poetic groove : Disco and balearic in their broadest sense, tinged with his signature touch of Spatial House.A very personal project, produced in collaboration with family and friends. He has known the instrumentalists on bassoon and sax since high school. The singer, with her spellbound voice, is now a recurring partner, featured on every record he released. He also brought his cousin into the equation, to help him on his journey back to his origins, as she translated parts of the texts to Armenian. A-side includes the most organic tracks of the record, that, while still suited to make you dance, will also fit perfectly as a soundtrack to end a shiny afternoon in front of the ocean.On the flip, the clubbier tracks : An original production, This Color, which is the track that inspired the cover art, and a remix by parisian italo-maestro LeonxLeon. Expect the most infectious grooves the balearic spectrum could offer and prepare to dance, not on the beach this time, but rather in orbit, on the red sand of Mars.
New Parisian label, Disques Messager, presents its first release and not the least. As its name suggests, the label has a simple leitmotiv: to place itself among the best messengers for rarities and sought-after gems of the international rare groove. A mission which begins rather well, with the official reissue of these two stirring titles by Brazilian singer and composer Cristina Camargo.Native of Rio De Janeiro, Cristina Camargo had quite a short career, releasing only 2 albums in 1980 and 1981, but still enough to collaborate with some of the best composers, musicians and producers at that time. Her first self-titled album was therefore produced by Robson Jorge & Lincoln Oliveti and recorded with some of the finest musicians. “Moral Tem Hora” comes from this same LP and is a perfect example of the unique alchemy that emerged when the Disco and Boogie invaded the Brazilian music scene. A quite hard to find Boogie killer, composed by famous brothers, Marcos and Paulo Sérgio Valle.On B side comes “Minas Do Rei Salomão”, a more chilled-out title extracted from Cristina’s 2nd album, Santa Maravilha. With its funky slapped bass, airy keyboards and the sweet vocals of Cristina, the song seems made to sip a nice cocktail at Ipanema.