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1x Vinyl 7'



Release date

Jun 26, 2023

The track PSYCHOSE, unreleased to date, was recorded by CORTEX in 1977, for a film whose film was unfortunately destroyed in a fire.

The original soundtrack, fortunately saved, has recently been found.




Oh ! Lord (Radio Edit)

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Right Of Me' is an incandescent and refined excerpt, like the entire new concept of the album 'Peaceful Sound For Broken Minds' due out on 28 Feb 24. The plan of Salvo Dub from Catania aka Go.Soul.Map does not stop here - we are in front of an artist with an exceptional creative phase, a hothouse of sparkling ideas that flow out in continuous streams like the lava of Etna in its full eruptive activity.As with 'Pushing', 'Right Of Me' is always presented in a Nu-disco key, super Dance in a formula full of Pop and Soul enriched by keyboard sounds. Salvo comments on how proud he was of this track, which is certainly the strongest track on the whole album, and it is no coincidence that it was chosen as the second single. The performance and refined voice of Derane Obika complete the work, her lyrics touching a deep state that explores the relationship with one's self and faith.In conclusion, we can say that in a world where artificial intelligence will only numb our creative stimuli, there is no shortage of creativity here and at the same time, more unique than rare, Go.Soul.Map. remains firmly anchored to its roots beyond passing fads in a space of pure simplicity and creative essence alongside its friend Derane Obika.Don't miss It!!!
New Parisian label, Disques Messager, presents its first release and not the least. As its name suggests, the label has a simple leitmotiv: to place itself among the best messengers for rarities and sought-after gems of the international rare groove. A mission which begins rather well, with the official reissue of these two stirring titles by Brazilian singer and composer Cristina Camargo.Native of Rio De Janeiro, Cristina Camargo had quite a short career, releasing only 2 albums in 1980 and 1981, but still enough to collaborate with some of the best composers, musicians and producers at that time. Her first self-titled album was therefore produced by Robson Jorge & Lincoln Oliveti and recorded with some of the finest musicians. “Moral Tem Hora” comes from this same LP and is a perfect example of the unique alchemy that emerged when the Disco and Boogie invaded the Brazilian music scene. A quite hard to find Boogie killer, composed by famous brothers, Marcos and Paulo Sérgio Valle.On B side comes “Minas Do Rei Salomão”, a more chilled-out title extracted from Cristina’s 2nd album, Santa Maravilha. With its funky slapped bass, airy keyboards and the sweet vocals of Cristina, the song seems made to sip a nice cocktail at Ipanema.
For their next release, Futuribile looks to the work of Salerno star Carlo Fontana, presenting a set of hard-to-find & unreleased treasures titled ‘La Musica Del Sud.’ Carefully remastered at the West Hill Studio, the collection of tracks — which features contributing arrangements from Tullio De Piscopo — forms a moody pop funk paradise, with jazz horns and soul brass layered together, and amorous vocals crooning, supported by lush harmonizations and greasy gliding bass. Disco beats and exotic drums dance, prismatic pads and soft synths seek the stars, piano and guitar sing a spaced out blues, and amidst the moving grooves and deep swinging jams, moments of beautiful balladry emerge to touch the spirit. Carlo Fontana's work is further testimony to a courtly and sophisticated musical aesthetic in vogue in Naples (and surrounding areas) between the 70s and 80s which had as its main proponents and protagonists exceptional musicians such as Joe Amoruso, Tony Esposito, Pino Daniele, Elio D'Anna, Enzo Cervo and many others.
Behind the alias GO.SOUL.MAP. hides Salvo 'Dub', one of the most authentic and purest talents with a marked sensitivity, not only artistic, of the current music scene in Catania, of which, under other guises and names, he has been an indispensable pillar for over a decade.The debut album of this project is anticipated by two preview tracks that will be released not only digitally, but also in physical format on 7" / 45 rpm.The launch single is 'Pushing', an explosive track in a Nu-disco key, modern but firmly rooted in the past, with a production that enhances the sound of the keyboards; full of 70s/80s Funk and Soul, it also has a Disco-Pop vein that makes it perfect for radio. The track is excellently performed by Derane Obika of Living Sounds. A Londoner of Nigerian origin, as well as an exceptional singer, Derane is also the author of the song's melodic lines and lyrics, which can be interpreted as a dialogue between an imaginary interlocutor and his spiritual guide journeying through the maze of life.The 'Pushing' 45 will feature as a B-side an exclusive instrumental version (the one sung by Reiwa Pia will be included on the full-length) of 'Back In The Underwater', a track that combines a Hip-Pop groove with cinematic atmospheres.GO.SOUL.MAP.'s debut album is titled 'Peaceful Sound for Broken Minds' and is scheduled for release February 28th 2024, a little gem in which pop and soul intersect and the clichés between mainstream and underground leap. A Space-Nu-Disco, Soul and R&B journey in which Derane Obika's fundamental contribution to the lyrics and melodies of no less than nine tracks out of twelve stands out! - This is a greatly anticipated album made for the ears of music lovers performed and produced by musicians with same love for the art of music.Dont miss it!!!!!!
After their debut album "Hoa Am Xua" (2019), which was nominated for Songlines Music Award 2021, featured as Record of the Month on Radio FIP in France and celebrated by Iggy Pop on BBC6, among others, Saigon Soul Revival returns with their latest record, "Mối Lương Duyên". Descending out of the southern night sky through a turbulent cloud of dreams, memory, longing and psychedelia, Saigon Soul Revival’s second full length album — Mối Lương Duyên — represents thelatest act in the group’s resuscitation of the raw, heavy and subversive sounds of 1960s and 70s Saigon.Roughly translated to “destiny”, Mối Lương Duyên is a journey through eight original compositions and three soul-stirring reinterpretations of Saigonese nhạc vàng or golden music: the soundtrack to a Saigon once thought lost to history and amnesia. Driven by Western influences rock, bolero, soul, jazz and the rich heritage of Vietnamese ballads, Mối Lương Duyên delivers a seamless blend of genres and traditional instrumentation (Đàn Tranh, Đàn Bầu & Đàn Nguyệt) with themes from across time and space.Nguyễn Anh Minh's seductive vocals glide through this multi-stylistic tapestry of sound, going beyond the universal concepts of love and heartbreak to explore how destiny can be forged through individual experiences... or as she puts it in her own words:Anything and anyone that comes into your life, every occurrence, whatever comes and whatever goes. It all happens as it is meant to. Saigon Supersound! Whatever you have to face, whoever you love or lose - we must accept it. We can’t choose our physical body, family, happiness or misery, our place in the world, in the universe…but we have the power to embrace and welcome our destiny. In Vietnamese "Mối Lương Duyên" means destiny but it doesn't only refer to love. It can mean many things, for example: How we all came together to form this band. In this way - by being part of the unfolding story - the album also attempts to musically connect the past with Vietnam's evolving future.And the fact that Saigon Soul Revival seems to succeed in this is perhaps also the reason why the song ĐÁM CƯỚI NHÀ EM will be featured in the upcoming HBO Mini-Serie „The Symphatizer“ (directed by Par Chan-Wook (Oldboy) / Robert Downey Junior producer and actor), which is based on the novel of the same name (Pulitzer Prize 2016) by Viet Thanh Nguyen.
"After their critically acclaimed LP “Arcadia” THE BUTTSHAKERS return with a powerful new 45” in celebration of Record Store Day. A two-sided slab of heavy hitting soul grooves.Cold World, with it’s darker, Stax-influenced horn hook, drives the listener on with an infectious groove and heart-wrenching vocals. The riff is heavy, but the message remains hopeful: stay golden in a cold, isolating world. A post-covid soul anthem.On the b-side, THE BUTTSHAKERS sink into the bluesy-country roots of soul music with CROSSROAD. The intimate guitar-voice of the intro gives way to a feverish drum and bass rhythm sent straight from the bayou. The song galops and races, taking the listener on a strange and dreary trip to meet the Devil at the crossroad. A story of legends; reimagined with some twang and a whole lotta soul."