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Afrokaliptyk Nation - Live At Victoire II Montpellier

Afrokaliptyk Nation - Live At Victoire II Montpellier






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Jan 1, 2011






Noble Tree


I Go On Without You




Follow Me




No More


Natural Juice

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** Available exclusively at The Pusher **EALZ! Records & brand new label A.D.S team up to pay tribute to the mysterious bluesman and producer : Cleo Page.Born in Louisiana, this L.A.-based musician worked with the great Johnny Otis, hang out on Central Avenue’s clubs and possibly jammed with top West Coast bluesmen like Jessie Allen, Pete “guitar” Lewis, Jimmy Nolen, Lafayette Thomas. Curley Page for some, Sly Williams for others, difficult to follow his career and in definitive, little is known about him despite his “big deal” recently approved by blues specialists : Cleo Page IS the man who wrote and recorded the original Boot Hill, a blues classic covered many times up until now.Cleo Page who lived in California since 14 years-old has been crossing Blues, Rhythm & Blues and proto-Rock'n'Roll in a personal way. He will run his own labels in the heart of Watts just after the 1965 riots. Those tragic events deeply influenced his laid-back groovy sounds, powerful guitar playing, organ-driven garage Blues with strong political and social messages. Somewhere between the first electric recordings of Howlin' Wolf and… Black Diamond Heavies!You're about to discover 12 rare tracks probably recorded between late ‘60s and early ‘70s. This brand new release includes the ultra-rare track "Black Man part. 1 & 2". Material reissued here for the first time in an arty/artisanal trifold Vinyl LP and a bonus Vinyl 7inch
Finally the debut full length LP from Aeon Seven is upon us!After a production career going back to the year 2000, this French maestro has been a creative force in all areas of production, DJing and animation.First gaining some serious attention from the funk/breaks community worldwide with his exceptional Funky Furious EP (2005), he has gone on to produce a clutch of incredible mix tapes that beautifully reveal his deft touch on the turntables and in the studio, he's written a couple of singles for 45 Live Records and produced some slick DJ tools with the Thundercuts series on both 7" and 12".Throughout all this time Aeon Seven has been honing his craft both musically and visually. His love of the instrumental, and obvious love of soundtracks, psyche and jazz come through in all of his productions. From the downbeat and wonderfully eerie and atmospheric themes of "The Hidden Hand", the cosmic harp led soundscape of the opening track "Outer Space Illusion" to the uptempo and funky blaxploitation vibes of "Mankind Hunt", Aeon Seven's grasp of songwriting is mature and expertly executed.
We are proud to announce the creation of our label Discopathe Records! As our first release, we chose to defend Ginger Ale, the debut album from Soyouzz, a young band from Montpellier (France). This first EP influenced by modern jazz/funk vibrations was inspired by Herbie Hancock, Snarky Puppy, Vulfpek and Louis Cole.Welcome aboard SOYOUZZ spacecraft. Let yourself be led into a unique and colorful retrofuturistic sound experimentation of 25 minutes and 5 steps to Ginger Ale. A collective of six musicians will be your captain. You will feel some pleasant turbulence during the flight, as you will go through deep bass sound with curls from brass instruments, going from a killer groove to a mind-blowing trance. Don’t panic, the spacecraft will stabilize by flirting blithely with electronic music.
After "Folie Douce" his first single released in 2018 on Cracki Records, Braque de Weimar finally releases his first EP! Between French boogie, rap and electronic music, Braque navigates between genres without ever forgetting to make us dance!
La Maison Venturi & Bazaar Records proudly present the first 12inch EP of the French duo Cee-O-Funk.Expect deviant house with boogie/funk touch and bizarre/weird sexy things. "T'as le cul qui dit oui" ("You got the ass that says yes"), is a sexy groove carried by a heady and sharp bassline to pay homage to the moving bodies on the dancefloor and the little music of their buttocks when the whole stuff moves to the sound of the beat. "Sex with the beat" is a joyful ode to love in all its forms, whether it is libertine or tidy or whatever. We all love without limit with or without music, but with music it's still better. "Naked on the dancefloor" looks like a huge electronic blues, a postpartum blues, with the memory of someone on their lips, inseparable from this feeling that one can have in a trance on the dancefloor. "Rock with U" is a repetitive, unifying, loving hymn ... let's do things together, forever.

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