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Deux Filles
Silence & Wisdom

Silence & Wisdom




1x Vinyl LP



Release date

Aug 25, 2022

Deux Filles was not, in fact, two girls despite what the group name and its elaborate hoax of a backstory suggest. No, they were not Gemini Forque and Claudine Coule, French women who met as teenagers under tragic circumstances and became fast friends, recording two albums together before disappearing into the ether. In reality, Deux Filles was Simon Fisher Turner and Colin Lloyd Tucker, a UK duo who first worked together in an early incarnation of The The.

Straddling the line between experimental and pop, Turner was an actor and teen singing star who later composed soundtracks for the iconic queer filmmaker Derek Jarman while Tucker’s career began as an engineer for the famed UK library music studio, De Wolfe, before forming experimental wave group The Gadgets. In Deux Filles, the duo found an outlet for their least commercial tendencies, combining lo-fi proto-dream-pop instrumentals with samples, tape experiments, ambient textures, and drum machines. Even in the vibrant, seemingly endless well of UK DIY, Deux Filles stand out.

Silence & Wisdom – the duo’s 1982 debut – is a series of musical vignettes, like the score of an unrealized arthouse film. Blending processed guitars, sheets of synthesizers, echoey pianos, and washed-out vocal snippets to surprisingly varied effect, the album is recommended for fans of Durutti Column and Virginia Astley’s From Gardens Where We Feel Secure.


The Letter




Drinking At A Stream


Oakwood Green


Children Of Clay


Sur La Plage


Her Masters Voice


The Draw In Room


She Slides


Fleurs Dolls




The City Sleeps




Silence & Wisdom



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Back in 2007, Xavier Boyer, frontman of French indie maestros Tahiti 80, released his first solo LP Tutu To Tango under the “nom de plume” Axe Riverboy. He didn’t think it would take another 10 years for the follow-up but here it is and it was well worth the wait.The title Some/Any/New, his tip of the cap to Todd Rundgren’s Something Anything album, reflects both the atmosphere and the process, Boyer crafted the new set playing everything, save a few overdubs recorded with collaborator Stéphane Laporte, using a laptop, an 8-track tape machine and a few cherished instruments (a groovebox, a guitalele and a casiotone).The album is awash with classic melodies, sweet Odessey & Oracle-esque vocals and the songs have a warm, organic glow, enhanced by some rough edges and little imperfections, happy accidents of the DIY nature of the recordings.Xavier pieced together the album over quite a long period. The songs were written in different places, in different towns and houses. Given all of that, it is perhaps surprising that the finished record is so coherent, light-infused and optimistic. What is supremely evident is Xavier’s ability as a songwriter; here he again delivers a set of gorgeous, contemporary and immediate pop songs. From the exquisite harmonies and frayed electronics of “Cherry Cloud Panic” through to the down-tempo, deliciously melancholic track, “Longing/The International Merry-Go-Round” we are in the company of an artist, confident in his creative ability. This is a highly-enjoyable piece of work - as the man himself says “It’s “like opening a window to the world on a sunny day.”

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