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The Hallways
Homage To Tarab

Homage To Tarab
Homage To TarabHomage To Tarab




2x Vinyl LPs Gatefold



Release date

Oct 9, 2023



Out of the utter sense of geographic belonging, not a political one and as personas that live by music and not genres, Eilon Elikam, Aviv Ezra and Isra Shalabi began a slow dialogue that evolved to take shape as their first Album. One that is in fact a journey between cultures, times, places and of course sounds that were molded within the middle eastern orient that had shaped their musical perception. All out of tremendous respect to their family legacies and to the one that they grew up upon, and live by to this very day.

Described in one short sentence, Experimental Arabic Drone Music. Picture dark synths, alianted rare drum machines meet ancient organ lamentations, beats the bubble from deep within and such that floats around spaces in circles while constantly changing. Ones that feel like flying on top of a magic carpet ride over deserts, mosques, ancient prayer books while in the background the dimming lights of a mysterious asphalt and concrete covered city.

The core value of the Nomadness of this current age is felt in each and every one of the five tracks on the Homage to Tarab EP. The sense that a home can be everywhere, every time and in every culture, as soon as you are willing to embrace influences from far away places alongside your cultural DNA that bind together to a unique and evolving musical piece. One that is in no rush to impress but exactly like an enchanted meditative dance, constructs its power from its own continuous process with a feeling of getting lost in your most familiar places.

Written and Produced by: The Hallways
Arabic Organ, Vocals (Rast, Bayat Re, Bayat Sol: Aviv Ezra)
Vocals (Ya Garat Elwadi): Isra Shalabi
Drum Machine, Darbouka: Eilon Elikam


Rast = راست


Ya Garat Elwadi = ياجارة الوادي


Bayat Re = بيات ري


Bayat Sol =بيات صول = Homage to Straylight


Bonus Track: Lego Cemetery

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