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1x Vinyl LP



Release date

Nov 3, 2023

Broc Recordz is proud to announce the album "Puzzled" by the legendary JJ Whitefield, you'll immerse yourself in the enigmatic universe of this master of funk and psychedelism.

Across 13 tracks, you will discover all facets of this musician hailing from Munich, ranging from raw funk to krautrock. JJ Whitefield is an iconic figure in the music scene, having played an essential role in diverse projects such as the mastermind behind Poets Of Rhythm, Karl Hector, The Whitefield Brothers and his essential role in the recent careers of Ebo Taylor, embryo and witch“. "Puzzled" is the perfect opportunity to delve into his unique musical world.


Dawn Of Delphi


Raised With Fire


Flute Punch




Comin´At Ya




Bin Dippers






Holy Daze




Amok Koma


Ad Acta

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A 12inch single from the incredible French Afro Funk band including remixes by the one and only Osunlade under the collective name of Yoruba Soul!Since their first acclaimed album Apiafo and its irresistible single “Pas contente”, these Lyon (France) natives never turned down the heat over 160 stages across Europe, Africa, Canada, Japan... Peter Solo has displayed his amulets, voodoo chants and charisma around the globe. When it came time for them to harness their Afro Soul sound for the second time, they turned their attention once again to their analog strengths. On the road Peter Solo and Osunlade met and could share their musical visions. It was obvious that this two will share their spiritual music experiences.Kidayu is the name of the second opus which means “sharing”: it’s exactly what those versions of “On se pousse” are about: a true futuristic Hi-life, a great meeting of two ardent defenders of the Afro Soul sounds ! Limited press, mastered by Carvery.
Marrrtin, French DJ, producer, and half of the group FUNKY BIJOU presents A Bunch of Funk, a selection of 16 short but sharp tracks building on the artistic heritage of 70s Library music. Album created with several musicians from different countries, working together without ever seeing each other in a studio thanks to Marrrtin's unique production process.Uptempo, Rhythmic, Brassy, Percussive, Lively and Dancing Vocal, Thematic Dramatic, Activ, Perky, Agressive, Riffy and Groovy: these are the words who can define this album.Features apprences of: Medline, Felix from FUSIK (USA), Carla Vallet, Tchoubine Collin (Setenta, FR), Romain Baousson (Bikini Machine Drummer), Naufalle from AIWA (France / Irak), Deheb , Meriadeg (Stand High Patrol) and others...All the Tracks have been played for the RED BULL BC ONE world final in Roma where Marrrtin was mixing.
** Available exclusively at The Pusher **Born in a Gambian griot family, kora virtuoso and afro-fusion pioneer Jally Kebba Susso has been active in the UK music scene for twenty years. While based in London, he has tirelessly, through both personal and collective endeavours, built a singular musical identity by working hard on making the timeless Mandinka kora, an instrument he's been playing since his youth, sound like never before, combining the ancient West African strings with forward-thinking aesthetics and myriad of musicians and producers from the thriving London music scene such as Onipa, Dark Sky and Kay Suzuki.Jally Kebba Susso has already released two albums as a solo musician ("Malaye Warr", 2012 and "Banjul - London", 2017), as well as a member of the successful afro-fusion band Afriquoi, whose latest EP has garnered a very wide support, culminating in several million streams and performances on some of UK's biggest festival stages (Boomtown, Glastonbury).Freedom! A heartfelt shout expressing the newfound joy of an African musician whose working conditions, despite his long-standing roots in the London music scene, have sometimes been precarious. A newfound freedom to be able to look ahead and fully persue one's need of self-actualisation. Hence this new EP, written with the help of Jally's accomplished band members (Yuval Juba Wetzler, Nim Sadot and Oli Arlotto) and produced by Tom Excell (Onipa, Nubiyan Twist), whose 4 tracks all deal with topics (identity, homesickness, family, social justice) which are dear to Jally's heart as a Gambian native and West African musician settled in Europe.A pleasant atmospheric opener, "Wulu Doula" rides on a classic Afrobeat groove, while Jally reminds us how we are only what we become, no matter where we come from and who we inherit from. "Justice" is a stomping mandinka funk hit, in which "freedom, equal rights and justice" are claimed by Jally for all fellow artists and musicians from the West African diaspora working in Europe.Clearly anchored in Gambian music tropes and reminiscent of the pioneering mandinka fusion of Ifang Bondi, "Fakoly" tells the story of Jally's family lineage, as a member of the 74th Susso generation. As Jally puts it, "being a griot is a way of life". Homesickness can be a bitter feeling. But you can turn it around. That is exactly what Jally achieves with "Banjul", a cheerful, funky tribute to the Gambian capital, in which Jally grew up, learning words of wisdom from his elders.
The discography of the phantom Gruppo Sound exceeds over thirty titles published in an undefined time frame between the Eighties and the Nineties. However, there is very little information about this curious pseudonym. it is possible to find a library music album by Gruppo Sound inside the Canopo, Deneb, Flower, Monosound Records and Teams catalogues, all managed by Flipper Music publishing group, but both the creators and the musicians have never been the same. Gruppo Sound is only a collective name, maybe to identify a certain number of 'new' productions characterized by an electronic background And, not by chance, the author of “New York City” is a single artist, the multi-instrumentalist Gabriele Ducros. Son of the prolific composer Remigio Ducros, he first followed his footsteps in the field of music libraries and soundtracks and then become the author of many tracks for television commercials of a certain relevance, winning some international awards.“Some of these tracks may have been associated with a pornographic film. Others were, however, made as brief comments for a theatrical show, perhaps never made”, remembers Gabriele Ducros. What unites the thirteen pieces is the same musical language, which derives from a widespread funk and jazz matrix. Both genres are thus declined through a different approach and taste, in line with the fusion trends of the time, when the early synthesizers were used by few artists. A handful of electric guitar notes for a 'urban' mood, the acoustic ones from a dreamy morning awakening. Electronic keyboards to arouse a sense of nostalgia in the listener, while flute and saxophone always punctuate different atmospheres. A computer melody, a theme for children and a sophisticated ode to the fusion sound of the Big Apple, perhaps true source of ispiration of the work. “New York City” is not a concept album, but one of the best cross-sections of Gabriele Ducros' great creativity.
2024 REISSUEBoogielicious Synth Pop made in Napoli! "Acqua Di Sale" is the first mini-album of the mysterious Rosa. Recorded at the West Hill Studio, this is the umpteenth creation of the well known Neapolitan production team which inaugurates the "Pegaso Series" on Periodica Records."A deserted beach and a rendezvous at the bar, with waves crashing gently in the distance and wine glasses catching the last rays of the setting sun. The seductive panorama of Posillipo unfolds before the eyes, evoking the charms of a photo-novella, though something mysterious lurks in the emerging dark, leading to unavoidable questions and temptations of the soul. This is the Napoli of the heart…no longer a physical manifestation, but instead, a stage for clandestine encounters and forbidden desires, where the most vivid emotions take the form of notes on the staff."