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Orgasmo Sonore
Pop Sensation / Sounds In The Night

Pop Sensation / Sounds In The Night




1x Vinyl 7'



Release date

Sep 15, 2023

Pop Sensation - A groovy and sensual rhythm for a laid back evening with spring reverb Fender guitar and space echo Moog as featured guests.

Sounds In The Night - Walking at night into the city after the rain when every sound seems to reverberate on the wet concrete. Modulating guitar over ambient dark jazz and noir.


Pop Sensation


Sounds In The Night

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A commissar with his hands tied and a gentleman godfather. A gang of ruthless kidnappers and a couple of parents ready to pay any amount to hold their missing daughter again. The evocative backdrop of Lake Como and the rare beauty of Piero Piccioni's music. “Fatevi Vivi, La Polizia Non Interverrà” (1974), also known as “Kidnap”, is a detective story directed by Giovanni Fago, with actors of the caliber of Henry Silva, Gabriele Ferzetti and Philippe Leroy. The film draws inspiration from the many cases of kidnappings recorded during the Seventies.The first vinyl edition of the soundtrack, edited by Musica Per Immagini, offers the listener a selection of his most significant tracks, carefully remastered, already released on cd. The soundtrack is a fabulous mix of lounge atmospheres, explosive action music and mysterious moments from which the sound of tubular bells emerge, as in the bittersweet pentaphonic opener Lovely Mood. Synthesis of a different mood from that adopted by his peers, exemplary in Ambushers, played by bass, guitar and piano, plus the string section in counterpoint. True hip hop break.Within the depths of the tracklist, it is easy to identify the third axis of the project, The Persuaders, thanks to the irresistible rhythm of the brass. The Sicilian Mafia motif is also distinctive, punctuated by the traditional sound of the Jew's harp. Another distinguishable aspect of Piero Piccioni's work is the wealth of themes. The composer goes beyond the model that provides for the creation of a main theme and a secondary theme with related variations, because he creates leitmotifs and musical figurations tailored to each of the salient situations and related protagonists.
If you’re into funky sixties or seventies B-movies soundtracks, Mustang Force is what you need! Composed of 14 tracks recorded live and composed by Sébastien Blanchon (drums, rhodes, organ, clavinet, synthesizers) and Emmanuel Marée (drums, guitar, bass, percussion), Hollywood Hustlers is an imaginary soundtrack inspired by all these movies. 14 songs recorded live, illustratring scenes of pursuits, deals, investigations. An album which will undoubtedly delight fans of funk and rare groove.
“La Settima Donna” (1978), also known as “The Last House On The Beach”, is a disturbing thriller directed by Franco Prosperi and set in a secluded cottage overlooking the Tyrrhenian sea, starring Florinda Bolkan, in the role of Sister Cristina, governess of five female students on a short vacation, rehearsing their Shakesperean end-of-year play. The unfortunate inhabitants of the house became soon hostages of three vicious criminals looking for a hiding place after a bank robbery, but the psychological and sexual violence ends when the nun abandons her vows. And the victims decide to get justice. Roberto Pregadio's brilliant music is not surprisingly, functional and almost disconnected from the bloody images: there is no overwhelming sense of disturbance for the listener.The soundtrack of “La Settima Donna” was published only once, in cd format, attached to the rare dvd of the film, gaining new life on vinyl thanks to Musica Per Immagini. Some of the eleven tracks of the score are characterised by an easy listening mood and united by a psychedelic feel, in harmony with the progressive atmospheres found in albums such as “A Saucerful Of Secrets” (1968) and “Meddle” (1971) by Pink Floyd. However, the English band is not the only reference for the jazz pianist, who quotes a piece by Bryan Ferry, entrusting it to the voice of Ray Lovelock, one of the three kidnappers. After that, the Sicilian composer remodels an international hit by Donna Summer, background of the sequence in which the nun is forced to strip naked in front of her tormentors.- Limited edition of 300- Red Color Vinyl (180gr)- Including bonus track "Place For The Landing"
Farfalla Records allows you to discover again the music of Roger Webb (aka Paul Dupont) with this album that could have been the perfect soundtrack for a crime film of the 1970s, alternating powerful tracks with jazz-funk rhythms and melodic tracks with light/romantic themes. Tapestry was recorded for the London based recording company Chappell Recorded Music and released in 1977 exclusively for professional use.
«The almighty golden vhs tape has been stolen !!!"An enigmatic lady contacts our heroes, claiming she saw the tapeAt an illegal auction in istanbul. The adventure begins, and will lead them through Egypt, India, UK, to run against the evil ancestral cult before it uses the golden tape to summon dark forces... »3 years ago, Videoclub concept album was released, using 70s movie soundtracks memories as an inspiration to create original compositions. It met warm reception all around the world. Beatsqueeze records is proud to announce Videoclub II this year, an ambitious sequel full of rich dusty theatrical arrangements. Take some pop-corn and enjoy the musical narration.Yann Kornowicz, composer.Starting from classical music by learning violin in his childhood, he began his film music obsession during the 90s, and used the piano as a tool to decompose the scores airing on tv. Many years later he continues his mono-maniac exploration through his albums and through works for tv, platforms, documentaries or advertising.Dan Amozig, multi-instrumentalist.After learning guitar in his teenage years , he graduated the cim jazz school in paris in the 2010s. He is touring with several projects since then, and focuses on live music. He recently added horns to his scopeTo enrich his beloved musical territories : jazz and hip hop.
Thomas Blanchot, 40 years old percussionist and drummer, started his production structure Mato Production in 2001, where he collaborated and directed for many projects.Composer, music publisher and producer of music for TV, advertising, films and records, he also began a career as reggae producer since 2006, under the name "MATO". Since then he’s released music through various projects concepts, coming out through labels such as Makasound, EDR Records or Big Singles. In the meantime he developed a real trademark: taking over classics French, Hip-Hop, or Pop song, into roots reggae-dub new versions.Besides since 2010, Mato has built a solid reputation thanks to his hot remixes of Hip-Hop classics on Stix Records. And in 2014, he presented Homework Dub, giving his own vision of the multiplatinum classic album by Daft Punk, quickly acclaimed internationally as a true performance.Today, Mato is back with another target for his special skills as a tailor of reggae music, this time focusing on classic musical themes from original soundtracks. Imagine if Lalo Schiffrin, Nino Rota, Gorgio Moroder, Ennio Morricone or John Williams had been blunted at Lee “Scratch” Perry’s Black Ark studio… there you go, this is Hollywoo Dub!!