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Orgasmo Sonore
Pop Sensation / Sounds In The Night

Pop Sensation / Sounds In The Night




1x Vinyl 7'



Release date

Sep 15, 2023

Pop Sensation - A groovy and sensual rhythm for a laid back evening with spring reverb Fender guitar and space echo Moog as featured guests.

Sounds In The Night - Walking at night into the city after the rain when every sound seems to reverberate on the wet concrete. Modulating guitar over ambient dark jazz and noir.


Pop Sensation


Sounds In The Night

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“La Settima Donna” (1978), also known as “The Last House On The Beach”, is a disturbing thriller directed by Franco Prosperi and set in a secluded cottage overlooking the Tyrrhenian sea, starring Florinda Bolkan, in the role of Sister Cristina, governess of five female students on a short vacation, rehearsing their Shakesperean end-of-year play. The unfortunate inhabitants of the house became soon hostages of three vicious criminals looking for a hiding place after a bank robbery, but the psychological and sexual violence ends when the nun abandons her vows. And the victims decide to get justice. Roberto Pregadio's brilliant music is not surprisingly, functional and almost disconnected from the bloody images: there is no overwhelming sense of disturbance for the listener.The soundtrack of “La Settima Donna” was published only once, in cd format, attached to the rare dvd of the film, gaining new life on vinyl thanks to Musica Per Immagini. Some of the eleven tracks of the score are characterised by an easy listening mood and united by a psychedelic feel, in harmony with the progressive atmospheres found in albums such as “A Saucerful Of Secrets” (1968) and “Meddle” (1971) by Pink Floyd. However, the English band is not the only reference for the jazz pianist, who quotes a piece by Bryan Ferry, entrusting it to the voice of Ray Lovelock, one of the three kidnappers. After that, the Sicilian composer remodels an international hit by Donna Summer, background of the sequence in which the nun is forced to strip naked in front of her tormentors.- Limited edition of 300- Red Color Vinyl (180gr)- Including bonus track "Place For The Landing"
If you’re into funky sixties or seventies B-movies soundtracks, Mustang Force is what you need! Composed of 14 tracks recorded live and composed by Sébastien Blanchon (drums, rhodes, organ, clavinet, synthesizers) and Emmanuel Marée (drums, guitar, bass, percussion), Hollywood Hustlers is an imaginary soundtrack inspired by all these movies. 14 songs recorded live, illustratring scenes of pursuits, deals, investigations. An album which will undoubtedly delight fans of funk and rare groove.
Transversales proudly presents the first LP reissue of “Les granges brûlées”, original soundtrack written and performed by Jean-Michel Jarre shortly after his work experience at G.R.M (Groupe de Recherches Musicales). Probably one the first ever electronic music score, recorded with very scanty means: a VCS3 synthesizer, a Farsifa organ and three synchronized Revox tape recorders. Director Jean Chapot, who understood immediately the interest in the gap between this hyper classical rural thriller and this groundbreaking music, let Jarre absolutely free to compose. Built up around several melodic leitmotifs, the score of “Les granges brûlées” allowed Jarre to pursue his personal research: to bridge the gap between experimental music and pop music.This deluxe reissue also contains the bonus track “Happiness Is a Sad Song” composed during Jarre's time at the G.R.M.“Aphex Twin told me once that the original soundtrack of “Les granges brûlées” was one of his favorite records” Jean-Michel JarreLIMITED EDITIONREMASTERED FROM THE ORIGINAL MASTER TAPESEXCLUSIVE LINER NOTES
** Available exclusively at The Pusher **Maurice Lecoeur could be considered as France’s best kept secret composer. Although hardly known outside of « digging-nerds » circles, he produced an incredible number of themes for movies, TV programs and commercials. Inspired by his friend and mentor François de Roubaix, he managed to create his own print, juggling freely with genres, harmonies, tonalities and string arrangements.This fine compilation gathers together the cream of his 70s-to-mid-80s work ; a journey overflowing with pop fantasies, crazy drum-breaks and beautiful orchestral themes.Most of these magnetic tapes are totally unrealeased and could have burned in the terrible fire that devastated Lecoeur’s home studio in the early 90’s. For fans of Jean Claude Vannier, Michel Colombier, François De Roubaix and Janco Nilovic…
We're delighted to welcome Émile Sornin's solo project, Forever Pavot, to the BMM family, with this heavily retro soundtrack for the French-Canadian motion picture Babysitter directed by Monia Chokri. As a fan of Jean-Claude Vannier and François de Roubaix, Émile illustrates this light and poetic movie with 18 melodic loops and short ambient pieces, faithful to the 60's and 70's French soundtrack style.
Paris-based multi-instrumentalist Emile Sornin is currently on an impressive run of releases: two film soundtracks for De Nos Frères Blessés by Hélier Cisterne (2020) and Babysitter by Monia Chokri (2022), and a recent and acclaimed solo album, L'Idiophone on Born Bad Records, for which he has been touring Europe since march. Forever Pavot is already back at it with his third film score for Monia Chokri's new movie Simple Comme Sylvain, inspired by Italian soundtracks and romantic grooves.