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Jean-Michel Jarre
Les granges brûlées

Les granges brûlées
Les granges brûléesLes granges brûléesLes granges brûléesLes granges brûlées




1x Vinyl LP OBI Printed innersleeves



Release date

Oct 23, 2023

Transversales proudly presents the first LP reissue of “Les granges brûlées”, original soundtrack written and performed by Jean-Michel Jarre shortly after his work experience at G.R.M (Groupe de Recherches Musicales). Probably one the first ever electronic music score, recorded with very scanty means: a VCS3 synthesizer, a Farsifa organ and three synchronized Revox tape recorders. Director Jean Chapot, who understood immediately the interest in the gap between this hyper classical rural thriller and this groundbreaking music, let Jarre absolutely free to compose. Built up around several melodic leitmotifs, the score of “Les granges brûlées” allowed Jarre to pursue his personal research: to bridge the gap between experimental music and pop music.
This deluxe reissue also contains the bonus track “Happiness Is a Sad Song” composed during Jarre's time at the G.R.M.

“Aphex Twin told me once that the original soundtrack of “Les granges brûlées” was one of his favorite records” Jean-Michel Jarre



La chanson des granges brûlées


Le pays de Rose




Une morte dans la neige


Le juge


Le car / Le chasse-neige


Thème de l'argent








La perquisition et les paysans




Les granges brûlées


Descente au village


La vérité




Happiness Is a Sad Song

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