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Various Artists
Cavendish Rarities

Cavendish Rarities
Cavendish RaritiesCavendish RaritiesCavendish Rarities




1x Vinyl LP



Release date

Jun 23, 2023

Take one of the oldest library labels of the world, entrust its incomparable catalogue to the expert hands of two records scouts and sampling enthusiasts, and you get Cavendish Rarities, an exceptional 12-inch vinyl gathering brilliant producers who made the reputation of this prestigious Music Library founded in London in 1937.

For the first time on Beatsqueeze Records, Mister Modo and Ugly Mac Beer have selected 13 original tracks impregnated with vintage spirit and cinematographic atmospheres, signed with Cavendish in the 70’s by Trevor Duncan, Ray Davies or Dennis Farnon.

A unique compilation on vinyl only, edited by two passionate crate diggers, for all music lovers in perpetual quest of rare pearls and fans of great old school sound!


South Bound – Dennis Farnon


Wheeler Dealer – Trevor Duncan


Pardon??? – Dennis Farnon


Tournament – Dennis Farnon


Border Incident – Dennis Farnon


Monomania – Ray Davies


Snowmobile – Dennis Farnon


The Trackers – Dennis Farnon


Secret Mission – Ray Davies


Gin And Tonic – Dennis Farnon


The Rally – Dennis Farnon


You Were Right I Was… – Trevor Duncan


Two Bars – Pete Moore

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Stix Records is a sub-division of Favorite Recordings specialized in the exercise of producing covers with a Reggae twist. Following the success of its first volume, the Disco Reggae series also expands with this 9 tracks compilation, composed with 8 new and exclusive versions by artists such as Taggy Matcher, 7 Samuraï, Mato, or John Milk, and the classic cover of “Tainted Love” by Grandmagneto. But this time, if they still explore famous hits like “Watermelon Man” by Herbie Hancock or “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, they also dug within the home labels’ catalog, taking over some of the finest titles by Mr Day, Lee McDonald, Lucas Arruda or The Joubert Singers. Again this time, their swaying renditions seem straight out of the smoky studios from Kingston or Montego Bay, while also remembering the 80s Pop-Reggae sound of artists like Grace Jones or the less famous Earons. Everything is mastered and cut at Carvery Records (UK), known for their expertise in Caribbean and Disco music.
When producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Diogo Strausz arrived in France for the first time, he already had an impressive CV. First, as part of the duo Balako, his music was released on Razor-N-Tape, Barefoot Beats and Greco-Roman after gaining the attention of Joe Goddard of Hot Chip. His tracks also have been played by Gilles Peterson on BBC 6. He also produced Brazilian indie artists such as Castello Branco and Alice Caymmi and remixed a track by Brazilian legend Gal Costa. Arrived in France, it is by signing the co-production of the disc "Les Bruits de la Ville" of Voyou or tracks for Julia Jean-Baptiste that he drew attention. Freshly signed on Goutte d'Or Records, affiliated label of Cracki Records, to whom we can thank for Agar Agar, Saint DX or Alma Elste, Diogo Strausz will present his first EP Flight of Sagittarius in April 2022. Flight of Sagittarius is both retro and current. Between the old school boogie of Marcos Valle and the jazz funk of Azymuth but also the sunny groove of Nu Genea or the electro-funk productions of Guts.
Psycho 2000 - A dark but funky theme that begins with an occulting Italian echo-oscillator drone that is soon followed by pulsating bass and breakbeat drums, leads to tremolo guitars, an ostinato on electric mandolas, strings climbing eloquent ladders, otherworldly electronics, and a cinematic finale.An evocation of a parade of wooden nutcracker soldiers elaborately dressed in gold-trimmed black uniforms down a wide avenue decorated with mardi gras beads and animal skulls upon golden cobblestones toward a tornado spiralling out purple-hued glissandos and curlicues of elephant smoke.White Spiritual - Head nod action, the twinkling of a late 60’s Vox Continental II with sickly transistors, the noodling matrix of an intergalactic telephone exchange carried on a bed of bouncy bass with a firm backbeat.The Johnny Guitar Watson-esque bite and sting of a ‘67 Teisco guitar preludes slabs of unison dark brown moog and organ giving way to the dance of fingers over the black naturals and white sharps of the Continental II.
This disc closes the triptych of the two previous opuses. It's an imaginary road trip in accordance with the previous records, we find the usual groove with psychedelic flights while keeping those melancholic melodies dear to Lucien & The Kimono Orchestra.
2+ is the 3rd album of DjeuhDjoah & Lieutenant Nicholson. A new sound stopover in their funky trip since their beginning with T’es qui ? album in 2015. This new building stone prolongs their critically acclaimed album Aimez ces airs released in 2019.What’s new? 15 tracks , eclectic, soft, deep, and funky, where electro, soul even afro beat touches , or bossa nova live together harmoniously. DjeuhDjoah & Lieutenant Nicholson make praise of slowness (« Pas si vite »), address environmental issues (« Coeur béton »), social statements on (« Police », « Raie publiques », « clic »), childhood on (« Bola Mba ») , the post colonial relation between Africa and the other continents. Love is also really well presented ( « Thé à la menthe «, « Ping Pong ») and why not sailing to Essaouira in Morocco ?During the summer of 2020 , when the french national radio asked them to perform a live cover , our french funky duo chose the famous « Né quelque part » by Maxime Leforestier released in 1987. Their Suave interpretation, haunting beat and spatial & languid atmosphere give a fantastic tribute to this beautiful melody and strong lyrics. They found a very intimate link with chorus in Zulu, harking back to the strong connection they made with South Africa during their last tour.It became clear that they needed to put this track on their new album , as their now club remix classic « Bwe Dlo « performed with their friend David Walters.After their tour in South Africa, they met « Cool Affair », the musician and electro house producer in Johannesburg who made a beautiful remix of « Aimé Césaire » which close perfectly this new opus. Recorded at « Le triangle des Bermudes » the home studio of Lieutenant Nicholson, produced and mixed by him with a electro analog sound dear to them. Horns, live drums, percussions and vocal choir were recorded at Bastille village at the label basement , even during the pandemic… On 2+, we can also hear the swirls of Antoine Berjeaut at the trumpet and bugle, magic keys from Florian Pellissier , two new flagships of the French jazz scene.Once again, DjeuhDjoah & Lieutenant Nicholson push the boundaries of the traditional « French song « to make the world dance. They want to keep their international audience , from Australia, Japan, Usa, South Africa to name a few the dance floors of the world will ignite with this new album . The French touch will still shine !