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The Sounds Of Patchwork Vol.1

The Sounds Of Patchwork Vol.1






1x Vinyl LP



Release date

May 5, 2023

Farfalla Records presents its new compilation dedicated to one of the most mythical and influential French library labels “Patchwork”.
A collection of tracks focusing on groovy psyche pop, adventurous jazz funk, electronic experiments featuring analog synths, vintage keyboards and cosmic guitars recorded between 1976 and 1986 by renowned musicians from that era such as Jean-Pierre Decerf, Pierre Dutour, Teddy Lasry, Claude Perraudin and many more.


Floyd (G. Boulanger)


Riff (P. Dutour)


Altitude (C. Perraudin)


South Of The Border (J.P. Decerf/J.P. Auffredo)


Wave Form (P. Guiot/J.P. Guiot)


Constellation (P. Porte)


Pulsions (J.P. Decerf/J.P. Auffredo)


Cortina (T. Lasry)


Mind Level (G. Zadj/J.P. Decerf)


Footprints (F. Mercier)

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The album also tells us a personal story. That of a grandfather - an exceptional pianist but forced to give up making a career out of it when the Second World War broke out - who gave him a taste for music in his early childhood, before passing away.
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