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Insólito UniVerso
Ese puerto existe

Ese puerto existe






1x Vinyl LP

Release date

Apr 17, 2023



Ese puerto existe' is the sophomore album by Venezuelan folk trio, Insólito UniVerso, a psychedelic dream towards sound and its powers of communication. On it, the band explore the diverse geography, rhythms and traditions of their home country of Venezuela, through their own distinctive sound. Featuring additional vocals by Stereolab co-founder and solo artist Lætitia Sadier, and mixed by Meridian Brothers mastermind, Elbis Álvarez and Heliocentrics co-founder and producer, Malcolm Catto.

On their debut album, ‘La Candela del Río’ (to be reissued VERY soon), the band created a magical Latin American sound of their very own, leading to critical acclaim from the likes of Songlines, Bandcamp, The Wire and many more; as well as a nomination for Best Group at the Songlines Awards in 2020.


Ese puerto existe


Pajarillo con chipola


Tiento de batalla


El chivo feat. Laetitia Sadier


Goyo tuyero


Ventana honda


Fulia del cacaotal

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La Candela del Río is the debut album by Paris-based Venezuelan quartet Insólito UniVerso. In the space of 8 tracks, the band fuses traditional Venezuelan styles, such as joropo, merengue caraqueño, or tambores de San Millán with psych, chanson, and contemporary electronics. Co-produced by The Heliocentrics' Malcolm Catto, the record shows two distinct sides; on the one hand there's euphoric music that begs to be danced to, while on the other there's melancholy, mystery and devotion.Originally released back in 2018, the record's initial run of 500 copies has been long sold out and is presented here in a new edition of 300 including the original artwork and printed lyrics insert.