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Buster Brown Band
Popsicle Toes

Popsicle Toes
Popsicle ToesPopsicle Toes




1x Vinyl LP with Printed Innersleeves



Release date

Apr 12, 2023

For its second release, Providenciales Records was able to unearth a previously unreleased album from the Buster Brown Band, featuring Kelly McNulty (from the Tagg/McNulty Band), Roger Burton (from the Bee's Knees), Jim Casey, Gregg Bissonnette (Ringo Starr's drummer), among others ...

Inspired by some of the best Soul, AOR and Funk artists, the band recorded these demos in studio in 1982 thanks to their local success in Dallas, TX, at the popular Popsicle Toes venue (the album title).
“Baby Don’t Lie” starts the album with a beautiful and mellow Soul / AOR introduction, while the following tracks, “Day Or Night”, “Endless Possibilities”, “Shock Proof” and “Say It” complete the LP with their Soul / Funk touch. There is even the first version of "Baby Don't Lie" as closing track, which was recorded 5 years before, in 1977.

Band members have collaborated with artists such as Lee Ritenour, Ringo Starr, Harvey Mason, The Isley Brothers, Smokey Robinson, Kenny Pore, Eric Tagg, and much more…

Liner notes (including exclusive pictures) and full story of the band by the one and only Grammy awarded David Ritz (co-author of "Sexual Healing" with Marvin Gaye)!

Limited edition of 500 copies, fully remastered!


Baby Don't Lie


Endless Possibilities


Day or Night


Shock Proof


Say It


Baby Don't Lie (1977 Version)

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