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1x Vinyl LP Tip-On Sleeve



Release date

May 13, 2022

A classic and essential Hi-Life & Afro Funk album from one of the greatest Ghanaian singers and composers reissued for the first time!

The legendary Alhaji Kwabena Frimpong's fantastic rare album was recorded in 1984 in Germany and originally produced and distributed from Hamburg. K . Frimpong was born on July 22nd 1939 at Ofoase in the Ashanti - Akim district, died Oct 18th 2005 in Kumasi (Ghana).

He entered right into music after elementary school by joining "Star de Republic" and later "Oko's band" after which he left for K. Gyasy's band where he worked for more than 6 years. As a prolific songwriter and singer, here's the reissue of his amazing album, a modern fusion of Hi-life and Soul . The excellent background is given by the famous Cubanos Fiesta with members of Vis-A-Vis band such as the famous Sammy Cropper on guitar or Slim Manu on bass.

Originally produced by Atakora Mensah in Hamburg, this four songs recording is a blend of danceable and spiritual Soul and straight Hi-life. A must-have vinyl of percussive Afro Funk for all the music connoisseurs, Abrabo is a true masterpiece, so hard to find and reaching crazy skills for a decent copy affordable.

Remastered by Frank Merritt at The Carvery. Pressed on Replika format. Fully licensed by the Alhaji Kwame Frimpong Family.








Susu Dwa W'Anum

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