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Hong Kong Score

Hong Kong Score
Hong Kong ScoreHong Kong Score






1x CD


Hong Kong

Release date

Jan 1, 2019

Wan Chai Records is a Hong Kong based label, specialized in rare Asian records and quality reissues.

For their third release, after a few years of hard diggin and historical researches, they went deeper with HONG KONG SCORE, introspection into the music of the Chinese’s Cinema industry. A selection of tracks from Hong-Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan, specially produced for movies and illustrations.

The result is a compilation of 12 totally unknown gems sung mostly in Mandarin and Cantonese, from real deep instrumentals, Hip-Hop breaks, Ethio style crazy drums, to heavy Bass in the Alain Goraguer’ style. This is an amazing introduction to 60’s and 70’s Chinese music, an inspiration for beatmakers, a must have for novices or Asian vintage music lovers.


姚蘇蓉 - 臉兒紅, 心兒笑 = Face Red, Heart Laugh



庄启和 - 强尼吉他 = Johnny Guitar



林竹君 - 春來人不來 = Where Is My Love



李泰祥 - 紅彩妹妹 = Sister Rainbow



鄧麗君專輯 - 海韻(小提琴) = Violin



尤雅 - 三個約會 = Three Appointments



李泰祥 - 牛郎織女 = Oriental Lovers



新風樂隊 - 花月盟 = Huayue League



張小英 - 寂寞的心 = Lonely Heart



太陽神樂隊 - 回味 = Memories



向井稔 - 会津盘梯山 = Aizu Bandai-san



原野三重唱, Yuan Ye San Chong Chang - 溫暖 = Warm


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