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Soul Overdrive




1x Vinyl LP



Release date

Mar 1, 2019



The Cool Feedback Quartet’s music is quite similar to a philharmonic orchestra manipulating new material: feedback, or in other words, the unexpected beauty of sound when it is let loose. Becoming its master so as to make the best use of it, like a new instrument, the guitar pick up plays again on request. Harmonizing sounds like a string section gone wild would, like light piercing through the ether, tearing up the background and taking us for good to unknown territory.
The bandleader, Grégoire Garrigues, who first got the idea of the concept and got the ball to roll, is a well-known and respected French guitarist.

Grégoire Garrigues: Guitars, Bass, Keys & Percussion / F. Robert Lloyd: Guitars / Morgan Lanoë: Bass / Jean-Bernard Lepape: Drums / Michel Guikovaty: Piano & Clavier / Jac Berrocal: Trumpet / Gilbert Artman: Bass Clarinet / Tullia Morand: Alto Saxophone / Pierre Mimran: Tenor Saxophone


Familiar Tones



From G to G



Slow Emergency



Sibylline Talk



Plane Curve


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After Janko Nilovic and Harlem Pop Trotters, Underdog Records has now reissued Martial Solal - Locomotion in a colored vinyl edition. This grooviest French jazz-funk and avant-garde album features Henri Texier and Bernard Lubat, and was originally released in 1974 on the PSI label. A masterpiece!
Parisian label Chuwanaga is really proud to announce the final volume of the In The Red compilation series with this CD bringing together Volume 1 & 2. In The Red Volume 1 & 2 is an in depth musical focus on the Britfunk genre - or British Jazz-Funk - mainly produced in London between the end of the seventies and the eighties. Back in the days, it defined a unique mix of Jazz-Funk & Disco including Reggae & Dub techniques from Afro-Caribbean communities who were at the heart of the movement. These young musicians gave their music a unique British flavor and raw energy pushing the needle "In The Red". Almost four decades later on these powerful tracks are again ready to burn up dancefloors. Parisian DJ, activist and producer Saint-James has selected the most exciting, rare and powerful tracks from that era (1980-1988). Expect powerful synth solos, crazy slap bass grooves, lovely vocals on the top, strong and melodic horn sections… The CD features also an insert with photos & interviews of different members of the bands featured here.
Joel Vandroogenbroeck was an arranger, conductor, producer and, above all, a unique multi-instrumentalist in the world of music. The Belgian artist was also famous for being the only permanent member of the group Brainticket and the main promoter of its creativity, often renewed with the contribution of exotic instruments. At the dawn of the Seventies, this versatile musician began a parallel life as a composer of singular music libraries tailored to comment documentary images. “L'Immagine Del Suono” was one of them, originally released by Italy's Flirt Records and now repressed on vinyl by Musica Per Immagini for the first time. This album circulated, however, unnoticed in a limited number of copies among insiders, only rediscovered later by fans, thus raising Joel Vandroogenbroeck as a real pioneer of ambient and new age music.It is appropriate to consider the twelve short-lived pieces of “L'Immagine Del Suono” as a sort of continuous and visionary experiment, with the addition of electronic gasps, a strong dose of inevitable psychedelia, fragments of synthesized jazz, all coming from experiences both internal and external, hallucinatory and hedonistic. All of this combined creates a mysterious and abstract hybrid. Sonic raw material is sculpted with artisanal care, at times twisted and cryptic, characterized by a transversal irony, to the point that the interference of rock elements in the course of the set divert the listener's attention and momentarily interrupt the flow of consciousness. “L'Immagine Del Suono” is a concentrated example of the avant-garde, free from categorisation of any kind, developed in a non-commercial key and, equally, is drawn from a direct line via what was previously expressed within the folds of the then contemporary works of Brainticket.
** Available exclusively at The Pusher **Transversales Disques proudly presents Ahmad Jamal Trio, Live in Paris 1971. Never heard before ORTF recordings performed live at studio 104, Maison de la Radio, Paris. This is the first official release with the full permission and cooperation of the National Audiovisual Institute (INA) coming in a Deluxe Edition - Classic Tip-On Jacket. Including exclusive pictures. Mastered from the original master tapes.« While be-bop musicians practise one-upmanship in terms of speed, Ahmad Jamal develops a crystal-clear touch and praises silence: "I was an angel among devils! The boppers made notes explode. I let them resonate until the end of their lives".A reputation as an artist on the fringes perhaps explains this lack of fame he suffered at one time. But despite the great whirlwind that is his life, Ahmad Jamal declares that he is searching for peace: "The quest is that of musical and internal peace. I cannot acknowledge that I am at peace, it would be dangerous to show it. A man at peace with himself doesn't say so".If you cannot say it, you can hear it, especially during his first concert in Paris in a trio. Here we are transported to the upper echelons of the art of the trio: the master of the piano, in studio 104 of Broadcasting House, is surrounded by brilliant accomplices, Jamil Nasser on double bass and Frank Gant on drums... » (Jérôme Badini, France Musique).
Gianluca Petrella is one of the most internationally renowned Italian musician, composer and producer, winner of the Down Beat Critics Poll in the “Rising Stars” category for two years in a row. Cosmic Renaissance is a music collective led by Gianluca with Mirco Rubegni (trumpet), Riccardo Di Vinci (electric bass, double bass), Simone Padovani (percussion) and Federico Scettri (drums, samplers), with Soweto Kinch (vocals and tenor sax) as special guest among others. Cosmic Renaissance’s aim is to write and play music that actually starts from jazz and reaches new heights and music genres, in the name of unity, discovery, connection, understanding and other beautiful things that make us human. Try to imagine all this into music, and you’ll have an idea of how “Universal Language” really sounds!UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE (2022)Mermaids really do exist, and I discovered this a few days ago. I came across the fantastic story of the Ama, literally the women of the sea. They live in Toba Bay, Japan, and have a long-established custom that has been passed on from one generation to another for more than two thousand years. Not so few. What do they do? They jump into the sea half-naked to fish for seaweed, octopus and, above all, for pearls. They are the real pearl fisherwomen. They reach a depth of just under 30m, with only the strength of their lungs. They are as beautiful as the sun. When they ascend, due to a strange play of sounds and noises coming from their hyperventilating lungs, they emit a kind of whistle that sounds like the cry of dolphins. Or more precisely, the song of mermaids. They go down into the deep sea and search for pearls. When out of the water, they train all their lives and help each other passing on practices and secrets, confiding in one another to stay united. And they are cohesive, never envious of one another, just a great sense of belonging.With his new work Gianluca seems to have drawn from this ancient hunt, made up of memories and traces. He submerged and searched in the remotest memories and ancestral sounds of skins, streets, eras and styles. With his appreciation he has connected black ghettos, slums, townships, ‘the bronx’ of all over the world and explored them with the curious sounds of contemporaneity. Gianluca also has a very cohesive community of musicians around him, he is proud of this, and with them he finds his element, his peace. ‘Anyone who doesn’t get along with musicians has an unresolved problem,’ he tells me. And that’s why he makes a point of letting it be known that each of the five well-known members of his Cosmic Band and the many valuable guests who populate this new record, contributed decisively to the creation of these crazy tracks. In what way? By using the words of their instruments, generating a language that serves precisely to connect past and present, useful for finding the thread of dialogue. A continuous back-and-forth between generations.To speak of the best in the field is an idle exercise: all have striven in the realisation of the composition, all deserve full praise, none excluded. Ovations for all.If you think you are only listening to jazz, you are sadly mistaken. There are exotic ghosts, promises of evasion. There is a celebration of the human condition. There is a life in here. A plunge into the heart of music and its many languages. A record about confrontation on words, about memory, about being true to oneself. But it is also a work on how complicated it is to come to terms with what we call identity, and Gianluca rewrites this identity in his own way. A work made of whispers, murmurs, in which music and language try to invent a new encounter. That takes us down into the abyss of the sea and up to the sky.Federico Scoppio