The Bongo Hop – Satingarona Pt.1 (LP)

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The Bongo Hop is the new project presented by french trumpetist Etienne Sevet. Featuring vocalist Nidia Gongora (Ondatropica, Quantic), rapper Maikcel (Zalama crew), and Patchworks Find out more

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Description « The Bongo Hop – Satingarona Pt.1 (LP) »

The Bongo Hop is the new afro Caribbean project presented by french trumpetist Etienne Sevet. On Satingarona Pt.1, friends from his Colombian years, like vocalist Nidia Gongora (Ondatropica, Quantic) rapper Maikcel (Zalama crew), but also famous producer multinstrumentalist Patchworks (Voilaaa, Dynamics, Taggy Matcher, Uptown Funk Empire,…) among others, join in for his first musical travel diary, inspired by 8 years as a Cali resident.

In this first project, you can hear his personal take on tropical tempos, as he launches a storm of infectious grooves – ranging from highlife, to vallenato-meets-dub, dance hall, afrobeat, or kompa, combined with warm horns.

This adventure, which started as the musical scrapbook of a traveler, who also worked as a journalist, film maker, university teacher, DJ, and digger (the compilation on 1970s Caribbean guitar maverick Abelardo Carbono, out on Vampisoul records, stands among his projects), now working as an urban projects designer, took a decisive turn through several encounters. Not that much of a coincidence though, as the encounter is an art that The Bongo Hop draws, just like his very name, from a cult 1980s French comic hero called Keubla, an afropolitan seaman, hussling his way through a tormented African continent, experiencing a huge range of situations, was a regular read during The Bongo Hop's childhood evenings, with Sunny Ade and Toure Kunda as a musical background. It was “Sur la piste du Bongo” (Tracking the Bongo). Somehow, a seed was planted.



A1- Ventana feat Nidia Gongora

A2- Nowa feat Maik Cel

A3- El Terron feat Nidia Gongora

A4- Nos Coje La Tarde feat Pao Barreto

B1- Tite Jeanne feat Nidia Gongora

B2- Clouds

B3- Satingarona feat Nidia Gongora

B4- Pa'Congo feat Maik Cell

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The Bongo Hop – Satingarona Pt.1 (LP)