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Hoosky - Just A Lil' Beat (LP)

Nowadays Records

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Hoosky, it's oOgo and Chomsk’, two members of La Fine Equipe, a dj’ing and beatmaking crew that’s been hustling dance floors with their electro hip-hop sound since 2003. Find out more

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Description « Hoosky - Just A Lil' Beat (LP) »

In 2008, La Fine Equipe's first instrumental album "LA BOULANGERIE" (The Bakery), brought together the new wave of French beatmakers (Mister Modo, Onra, Quetzal...). The soul, jazz, rock and reggae, samples were reworked in the vein of J Dilla & Madlib’s avant-garde styles and caught the attention of many DJs and tastemakers.

The following year, they met Mattic, Wax tailor's American rap singer and made the mixtape “FANTASTIC JJ PROJECT”, endorsed by Lex Records. In 2010, after creating their label Nowadays Records, they solidified their collaboration through the production of “FANTASTIC PLANET”. Astrid Engberg, Danish singer, laid down her voice on the album, together with the British-German rap singers, A State of Mind (ASM). Later on, they released 13 new tracks on the mixtape “THE DARKSIDE”. In 2011, La Fine Equipe baked "LA BOULANGERIE 2", an extract of the French beatmaking with Creestal, Dal Gren, Guts, Mister Modo & Ugly Mac Beer, Powell, Chief, Buddy Sativa ... this is also the first appearance of the duet Hoosky.

Today, oOgo and Chomsky release “JUST A LIL’ BEAT VOL 1”, the first of a series of instrumental albums, in partnership with Radio Nova. Each opus will give the two beatmakers creative carte blanche. Made in the pure tradition of sound libraries, Hoosky defines this first episode as: “the soundtrack of an experimental road movie” ( two accomplices leave town and hit the road in their car, running away to a mythical or unknown destination). Tribute to the masters, “JUST A LIL’ BEAT VOL 1” is a totally new blend of the styles. An electro fusion of John Carpenter and Raymond Scott, and Melvin Van Peebles's funk, mixed with the progressive jazz of Cortex. The tracks “Rush Hour”, “Crushed”, “Catwalk”, “Night Town” or “Lonely Wolf” illustrate the fullness of their musical landscape. Their music, soulful and exhilarating, is reminiscent of the noisy, hip hop instrumental scene of Los Angeles (Stones Throw & Brainfeeder).



1. 00h00       

2. Rush Hour       

3. Flying Market       

4. Crushed       

5. IDKWTD (feat. Buddy Sativa)       

6. French Connection       

7. Sweet and Sweaty       

8. CA 90068       

9. Catwalk       

10. Night Town       

11. Time's Up       

12. Lonely Wolf       

13. Breathless       

14. Cosmopolitan       

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Hoosky - Just A Lil' Beat (LP)