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Camarão Orkestra - Nação África (LP)

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The most Brazilian of the French bands' new LP on Favorite Recordings! Beautiful Brazilian music mixed with jazz-funk influences, featuring also Anthony Joseph. Find out more

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Description « Camarão Orkestra - Nação África (LP) »

Gentle waves lap the soft white sand. The limitless ocean fills the view as the sun slowly sinks below the horizon. As the day ends in blue and orange tones, the heat begins to subside, a sure sign that the slow evening migration from the beach will soon begin. 

A pleasant, yet formidable music comes from the radio tuned into a frequency transmitted from Paris. Maybe it was written and recorded in the 70s, or maybe it has simply soaked in that aesthetic all the way down to the pauses. It doesn't really matter. 

Delving deep to explore the roots of Brazil’s musical tradition, the Camarão Orkestra has tapped into Candomblé and its rhythms. Born on the drums of enslaved Africans in a ritual that invokes numerous deities, they lay the foundation for this new album, Nação África

The eleven musicians, guided by Amanda Roldan’s silky voice and guest appearance by Anthony Joseph (“Canto De Bahia”), explore and embrace the murmuring polyrhythm of Brazilian percussion instruments, vibrating berimbau and squeaking cuícas, pouring their tightly-wound funk bass into the groove and letting their jazz fly free, together and solo. 

The seven nonchalant tracks get your hips swaying, whether you’re in a comfortable armchair or surrounded by other dancers. They take your mind far away, on a journey paved by analog synths with Fender Rhodes crystals to the horizon where the sun’s last glimmer has finally faded away. The brass section’s shiny bells, valves and keys reflect the images and ambiance of the soft Brazilian night air. 




A1 - Canto Da Bahia

A2 - Dia De Verão

A3 - Guerreiro Yorubá

B1 - Nação África

B2 - Copacabana

B3 - Canto De Iemanjá

B4 - Nação África Parte 2


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Camarão Orkestra - Nação África (LP)