Sweatshop - Can We Get Hooked Up (2LP)

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Sweatshop was formed in 2007 in a studio in Copenhagen. "Can We Get Hooked Up" is their second LP released on French label, Underdog Records. Find out more

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Description « Sweatshop - Can We Get Hooked Up (2LP) »

Sweatshop was formed in 2007 in a studio in Copenhagen. The 3 members Daniel, Kuku and Jonas had already been making music together in different constellations for many years. Both Kuku and Jonas had solo albums under their belts, and Daniel had been producing for both of them.

A need emerged for all 3 to have a free creative space – a playground - where ideas could become songs in a heartbeat, without having to please any certain standard but their own. With only one purpose: To challenge and inspire each other. On average 1 day was spent on each song: Writing, producing, recording. After a couple of months the songs added up to a full album, which was later mixed and named "The Hustle". The kids are still working hard, sweating in the shop, new bread is in the oven, and the magic recipe has become even tastier!

Following their recent EP "The Getaway", which was a step in a slightly different direction, blending more reggae and roots flavours into the mix, and including songs catchier than ever and with obvious radio potential, Sweatshop is now presenting their new LP, called “Can We Get Hooked Up”.

Be prepared!



A1 Drug       

A2 The Hustle       

A3 Can We Get Hooked Up       

A4 Make It Count       

A5 These Be The Lines       

A6 Writer's Block       

B1 Darkness       

B2 I Wanna Know       

B3 Eternity       

B4 This Is Not Love       

B5 Luv Bug       

B6 Get Away       

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Sweatshop - Can We Get Hooked Up (2LP)