Fanga - Afrokaliptyk Nation Live (CD)

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For the last ten years or so, the Fanga collective has been on the up, blending afrobeat, jazz and funk and playing a music that is eminently spiritual. Find out more

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Description « Fanga - Afrokaliptyk Nation Live (CD) »

For the last ten years or so, the Fanga collective has been on the up, blending afrobeat, jazz and funk and playing a music that is eminently spiritual.

Fanga means "strength of conviction" in Dioula and the commitment of the group is emblematic of its name. Having played with Antibalas, Seun Kuti and Kokolo, Fanga has nurtured solid relationships within the international afrobeat community. In the studio, the groupís path crosses that of Tony Allen and the sadly demised Segun Demisa, both pillars of Fela Kutiís Africa 70, as well as that of the iconoclastic rapper Mike Ladd, the Jamaican Winston McAnuff infuses a reggae accent in I Go On Without You, whereas the Togo All Stars Orchestra shines out like a thousand fires on Dounya, one of the strongest and most jubilant of the album.

Fanga launches its live project on stages across Europe, the Jazzovia Festival in Poland, The Global in Denmark, The Afrodisia in Rome and the Fela Days tour in Spain (Madrid, Seville, Saragosa), as well as at Solidays, the live 'Nuits ZebrÈs' on Radio Nova, Jazz sur Son 31, Jazz sous les Pommiers, Festival Coueleurs Urbaines, Africajarc, the Tribu Festival, and Jazz en Ouche to name but a few.

Despite being firmly rooted in certain Nigerian and Ghanean musical traditions (those of the 1970sí afro-beat and high-life) Fanga is equally at home to musical concoction, as demonstrated by the samples and other hiphop and electronic ingredients, not to mention the vocals in Dioula, English and French. The gritty horns and earthy analogue keyboards shape the groupís sound whilst Korbo has no hesitation in embracing his Mandingue roots.

Flowing without restraint, Fanga exudes both spirituality and an intense persuasive power. It is home to an iron fist, characteristic of the most proud and organic of black musics. Melodious and hypnotic, the pieces developed by the group not only strive towards a groove conducive to a state of trance but is also equally appealing to the mind.



1. Tiogho       

2. Noble tree       

3. I go on without you       

4. Dounia       

5. Follow me       


7.No more       

8.Natural juice       

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Fanga - Afrokaliptyk Nation Live (CD)